Our Story

The journey to better shaving

At brighter, we’ve been shaving for longer than we care to remember and were always underwhelmed by the razors available.

The shave was ok at best, they looked drab, and we had to overpay for the privilege.

And we didn’t think much of the slogans telling us what men want and deciding that women will have pretty much the same, but in a pastel colour (whilst they're charged a premium for it). 

When we tried subscriptions, we ended up with a stockpile of blades and they still didn’t float our (shaving) boat.

So, from we set out from our Hertfordshire HQ as an independent brand, (helped by Izzy the brighter dog) to make the best razor a man (or woman) can really get 😉.

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Piano black brighter shaving razor with pink background

First steps to creating a better shave

Better blades...We started with the blades - the most important part. These are specially crafted in Germany from Swedish steel using a unique grinding process to deliver the sharpest and longest lasting blades on the planet.

How many blades is best? After trying countless combinations and leaving a trail of hairless testing volunteers in our wake, we found that 6 blades placed in 3 pairs meant the closest possible shave with the fewest strokes - minimising irritation, and the gaps between the pairs makes rinsing a breeze and prevents clogging.

A razor handle made to be loved by all. Our Finnish designer has combined stunning form and superb function in a gorgeously sculpted razor handle that we offer in three colours - rose gold, piano black and tungsten. It is perfectly weighted and just feels right in your hand. And it’s unisex - so everyone can have the best possible shave and pay the same price for it!

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Then we added value, convenience and our no quibble guarantee

Price - we take great pride in pricing our razors and replacement blades fairly. The pricing for both always includes postage and packaging because we know how frustrating those cheeky extras can be and how much they add up.

Convenience - buy blades as you need them to be shipped straight to your door, or if you opt for a subscription you can do that on your terms. Deliveries as frequently as you want them and no hoarding - easy peasy to pause or cancel with a couple of clicks

No quibble guarantee - we put our money where our mouth(s) are. We want you to love your brighter shave as much as we do and if for any reason you’re not 100% happy with it, we’ll refund you in full. 

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And always remembering our social responsibility

Sustainability - moving to reusable razors helps to eliminate the waste from billions of disposable razors that end up in landfill every year. Ours aren’t plastic-free (yet), but we’ve worked to reduce the amount of plastic to the lowest possible level and all of our packaging is recycled and recyclable or compostable. We can’t say we don’t have a carbon footprint. Nothing that is manufactured or shipped does. But we try to minimise our environmental impact wherever we can including renewable only energy at our brighter HQ.

Kinder to all - our products had to be something we could take genuine pride in so everything we make is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Helping others - we decided early on in our journey that if we were making something better and brighter, then part of that was doing some good with it, so 1% of our revenue goes to help support the charity Crisis UK.

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