A brighter shaving subscription

Step 1 - add a starter pack

Select the razor handle for your starter pack with 2 refill cartridges.

Step 2 - add your refill

Decide how often you want us to send your 4 cartridge blade refills.

Step 3 - skincare products

Add any skin or haircare products to your order. (One-off or sent with your blades)

All done!

Better brighter shaving and skincare pops through your letterbox with free P&P.

You're in full control

Buy our StaySharp long-lasting 6-blade cartridges anytime or subscribe & save.

Delivered when you need them with no stockpiling and you can pause, reschedule or cancel your brighter shaving club membership anytime with no commitments.

Starter pack £5 and blades from £1.75 per blade, with free delivery.

Rated excellent on Trustpilot.

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A better razor by design...

From our Hertfordshire HQ, we brought together stunning and functional Finnish design, the most durable Swedish steel and the most advanced German blade sharpening technology to create our longer lasting razors.

The clever blade configuration includes larger gaps for easier rinsing and no clogging.

Why unisex? Because whether you’re shaving chins, legs, pits (or bits), you want smooth and you want your blades (and your razor) to last. Gender is simply marketing and it’s irrelevant to the design.

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